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A Cross Cut Log

cross-modestoWorkers were cutting down a 39-year-old drought-stricken pine tree outside St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Modesto two weeks ago when one of them noticed what looked like a cross in one section of the log. They called church member Jim Bland who saved the section and put a protective shellack coating over it. It’s currently on display in the church foyer, though they may move it outside near a large church bell so anyone can see it anytime. While everyone agrees it looks like a cross, Bland’s grandson viewed it a little differently. “It’s not just a cross, Grandpa,” he said, “it’s Jesus on the cross.”  There’s no word on whether the workers used a rip saw or a cross cut when taking down the tree.

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Wood You Like To See Mary?

mary-san-diego-treeWhen an image of the Virgin Mary appeared on a Palo Blanco tree in their yard on October 29, the Rivas family of San Diego knew they wanted to share their miracle with others. Beginning this Saturday, December 12, the public is invited to visit the image between the hours of 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm. According to the Nueces County Record Star, the Rivas family lives on County Road 334 Buena Vista in San Diego, TX. Don’t be late. Or early.

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A Fine Dam Sighting

mary-kenyaThe timing couldn’t have been any better. Less than  month before Pope Francis will be visiting the country, and right in the middle of the celebration of the Holy Rosary which occurs every October, people living in  Makueni County, Kenya have discovered an image of the Virgin Mary on a rock at Manooni Dam. She appeas to be holding Baby Jesus , has a dove by her shoulder, and a lamb resides nearby.

News of the sighting has traveled quickly, with reports saying thousands of people have come to visit the site from around the area. There are many who started to explore and brought in equipment like to excavate more such images or artifacts.While the Pope’s 3-day visit to Kenya has been planned for a long time, hopefully he has some flexibility and a free day in which to go to Makueni.



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Orange You Glad You Painted?

wall-o-maryLuis Alberto Montelongo Reyes of Saltillo, Mexico, just wanted a freshly painted orange wall in his living room, but once the paint dried he noticed what looked like a silhouette of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the wall. As word spread, people came by to take a look. Now many who live in the town believe it’s a miracle and a sign from God that things are going to improve in their poor neighborhood with the help of the house loan long term rates comparison . Believers have been flocking to the home to check it out, lighting candles and stroking the image in the hope of a blessing. Montelongo Reyes is maintaining an open door policy so anyone who wants to can come see the image, saying, “For me it’s a blessing from God.”

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Holy Smoke!

mary-forest-fireA forest fire in the San Sebastian region of Colombia had been burning for days, devastating over 600 acres and causing hundreds to become homeless, when a local priest noticed something in a photograph he’d taken of the fire – an image of the Virgin Mary. Villagers also see the image and are convinced that the photo taken by Father Pito is a sign that their fortune is about to change. “This is good news for our area which is so dry in the summer, because the little virgin is going to illuminate us and she is going to help us get through this,” one man told a local TV station.



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I’ve Got Jesus On The Brain

jesus-on-the-brainAfter returning home from a Mexico City hospital following emergency surgery for a stroke, Jennifer Lougee Mingramm and her husband Tamaha MacDonald were looking through a pile of X-rays that had been taken when they noticed something on an image of her brain – the image of Jesus Christ. Convinced it’s a sign of divine intervention that helped her heal, the couple has kept the X-ray handy at all times. Her family has even nicknamed it “Jen’s Jesus.” The couple, originally from New Zealand, is trying to raise money so she can go to the United States for a double lung transplant. “The image represents a miracle,” MacDonald said, hoping it brings continued good luck.




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