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The Anti Dust Devil

dusty-jesusAustralian photographer Pete James Ingham was driving through the Mojave Desert when he spotted a dust storm in the distance. When it got close enough, he took 20 photos in rapid succession, then within five seconds the storm dissipated. After going back to Ocean Grove, Australia, he looked at the shots and noticed that of the 20, all were blurry except one. “The exposure was a bit bright,” the 43-year-old photographer said, “so I just increased the contrast in the photos and then bang, this face appeared in the dust. I thought ‘woah, that was freaky’.”

The face he saw looked like Jesus Christ.

Ingham initially thought about ways to make money from the photo but then decided he’d be happy if it helps his photography business gain exposure. “Everyone I’ve shown has said they could see it. I showed my girlfriend first and she went a bit white in the face and said it’s really freaky,” he said. “Some people mock it saying it’s just a pattern in the dust, which is probably true. I mean I still don’t believe in God.”


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Kevin, Mary. Mary, Kevin.

mary-chicagoSoon after St. Kevin Catholic Church in Chicago’s South Side celebrated its 135th anniversary on June 3rd, parishioners reported seeing an image in a tree that looks like a woman with her head covered wearing a long robe. Some believe it’s the Virgin Mary. Now, thanks to word of mouth and social media, a steady stream of people have been stopping by to check out what some consider a message from God. “I think she’s watching over us right now. I think we need it with all the violence that’s going on,” Jenny Mata said.

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Face It, That’s Mary

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Putting The Ultra In Ultrasound

ultrasound-jesusIt wasn’t until Aley Meyer of Evansville, Indiana, took the ultrasound picture of her soon-to-be-born boy to her baby shower that someone noticed something in the picture besides the baby. There, towards the right side is an image that appears to show Jesus on the cross. “We took a picture of it and blew it up on my phone to get a closer look and it is so much detail.  You can see the hair and his legs crossed and everything,” Aley said. She posted it on Facebook and it went viral. Aley thinks the ultrasound is a good omen. She has Crohn’s disease and feels it means baby Easton won’t. Meanwhile her grandmother bought a crucifix which Aley plans on hanging on the baby’s room. And to think, there’s a perfectly nice crucifix on the ultrasound they could frame and hang there.

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Crowning Glory

mary-crown2An accidental electrical fire on Ash Wednesday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church – the oldest church in Colorado – caused an estimated $500,000 in damage. It also left smoke damage above a portrait of the Virgin Mary that many parishioners feel looks like a crown. Father Sergio Robles says many in the congregation believe it’s a miracle and have asked him to leave it as is.  So far he’s agreed to let it remain at least while the rest of the church is being repaired. Oddly, this isn’t the first time the 162-year-old church caught fire. It was on Ash Wednesday 90 years that an electrical fire caused enough damage that parishioners had to rebuild a large portion of the church. Cue the spooky organ music.

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A Hazy Shade of Mary

mary-mariettaVictor Jose Alvarado was at the  Transfiguration Catholic Church in Marietta, Georgia, on December 12 for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe when, as he put it in a Facebook posting, “We started praying and singing songs to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, and immediately started feeling peace and the smell of roses!!! We just finished having lunch when someone noticed a very bright sun ray and in front of our eyes her image starting to appear in the window.” Father Fernando Molina-Restrepo of the church posted a photograph of the window on Facebook that shows the image of the Virgin Mary and said that while many people have their own interpretations of how the foggy figure formed – such as the pane’s coating reacting to outside elements –  many viewers believe it’s their faith that is the true cause.

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