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Barking Up A Religious Tree

People in East Chicago, Indiana, have been flocking to see two trees, one which they say has an image of Jesus holding his hands together and looking down [see photo on left], while the tree next to it shows the Virgin Mary looking over at her son. The tree on the other side has plain bark. How boring.

Postscript: City officials have turned off the streetlight that’s critical to seeing the image because residents complained about the traffic jam. And the large fight that broke out on Friday night.

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2 Responses to "Barking Up A Religious Tree"

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi my name is jaime and im from east chicago when i seen the trees i was amazed and took pictures and i seen everything im really amazed! but i tried to see it today (sunday) but the city turned off the lights so you cant see it anymore

  2. Jaime,Margarita,Chris says:

    Hi We are Jaime,Margarita,& Chris we didnt believe it at 1st so we went to E.C And we saw him & Mary it was really great to see something like that.What every1 needs 2 do is go to the city & demand that they put the lights back on( at least when the summer comes its not going to hurt anyone. they need to at least leave the lights on til 10pm)

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