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A Good Clean Sighting

When Danell Griego of Belen, New Mexico, and her husband built a house a couple years ago, they put a jacuzzi tub in the master bath, but since they also have a hot tub, they never used it. The other day Danell decided to check it out. She got in the tub and was relaxing when she reached over to light a candle. And noticed an image in the marble behind the candle—the Virgin Mary holding Jesus after he’s been taken down from the cross. She’s convinced it’s a miracle. And is glad they didn’t cheap out and go for the Fiberglas tub.

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A Fancy Dresser

Three years ago Frank Salazar of Miami and his fiancee, Haydee Suarez, bought a wooden dresser at a garage sale but never used it, so when they decided to hold a yard sale of their own they cleared it off to put it out. While dusting the dresser, Salazar noticed an image of the Virgin Mary on the top dresser drawer. Looking closer, he saw what looked like a set of praying hands on the second drawer. Suarez says, “I look at this as a miracle and maybe a message that something is happening to help us out.” Salazar adds, “I haven’t gone to church, but I sure plan to.”  The couple is also planning to put the dresser on EBay.

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Watered Down Mary

Father Ernest Bulinda, the Rector at the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Norfolk, Virginia, was walking past the baptismal font when something caught his eye. It was a water stain, but not just any water stain. This one looked like a silhouette of the Virgin Mary. He called a parishioner who was nearby and asked what he thought. He agreed that it looked like Mary. Father Bulinda tried to keep it quiet but word spread and people have been stopping by to take a look. He has no plans to clean it up. “She’s been appearing everywhere, she’s on toast and so on and so forth so I thought we’ll just keep quiet and let it be.”

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Like Cheesy Mother Like Cheesy Son

Jason Amaya of Lake Station, Indiana was watching a religious TV show when he reached into his bag of Cheetos and pulled one out that he says looks like a miniature Virgin Mary standing with her arms crossed. He’s holding onto it and showing it to family and friends but doesn’t know what, if anything, he’ll do with it. Maybe he should get together with Dan Bell of Preston Hollow, Texas, who found a Cheeto in May he says looks like a praying Jesus with one arm that he nicknamed Cheesus and start a Cheetos creche.

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Flipping Out Over Mary

It was the day before Thanksgiving and Bianca Lopez of Glendale, Arizona, was trying to figure out something quick and easy to cook for the family. Batter Blaster pancake mix in a spray can to the rescue! When she looked at the last pancake of the day, she saw an image of the Virgin Mary burned into one side, not unlike one of Jesus spotted on a pancake in Connecticut in 2007. Lopez says the image has brought her peace and comfort, which is why she hasn’t eaten it, instead keeping it in the freezer right next to the Home Style Divine Image Eggos.

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Truckin’ Along With Mary

A woman named Sharon emailed ABC-7 in El Paso, Texas, to let them know she and her family saw an image of the Virgin Mary at a Petro truck stop. The TV station sent a crew out that found the water stain and took a photograph of it. Good thing too, since the truck stop’s maintenance crew washed the stain off within days.

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