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Mary Lights Up My Life

Maureen Kent has been attending Eucharistic at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview, Illinois, –uh, religiously — for more than two years. Recently, while kneeling and praying, she decided she wanted a picture of the eucharist laying in the ornate gold stand it’s placed in. She pulled out her iPhone, snapped a pic, and when she looked at it was shocked to see a bright light in the photo that appears to be hovering next to the host on the altar. A bright light they say is in the shape of the Virgin Mary watching over the host, or body of her son. According to Rare Chicago, Maureen swears there were no filters, Photoshop, or digital manipulation of any kind.  She and her fellow parishioners are calling it a miraculous moment and feel privileged to have seen it. There’s even a 34-minute YouTube video about this still image photo.

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