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Wooden You See Mary Too?

When Vintage Vendors, an antique shop in Tralee, County Kerry, Northern Ireland, bought a cabinet last year they put it on the floor to sell. About a month later a customer came in and asked if they’d noticed that the wood grain on the door bears a remarkable resemblance to Mary, famed mother of Jesus Christ. Even more amazing, according to Damien Culhane who works in the shop, “I took the door off and held it up the other way and it looks even better upside down.”

The origins of the mahogany cabinet are largely a mystery. “It was built in about 1905 or 1910 in Hereford, England by Greenlands and Co” and was purchased in a private transaction in Kerry.

Since posting a photo on Facebook – gasp! – locals have been dropping by to kiss, rub, and say a prayer next to the cabinet. Culhane says they have no plans to sell the cabinet but have been offered more than €10,000 ($11,014.50) so that could change.

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