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Forget Peter and Paul, Here’s Mary

A man who goes by the eBay name Zenteraman recently bought a new Ibanez PGM80P Paul Gilbert Signature electric guitar. After playing it for several hours over the course of 3 days and playing one gig of unspecified genre using it, he noticed what looked to him to be the image of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. He decided that the guitar is a miracle so of course he put the $1,399 barely used instrument on eBay for the asking price of $10,000. Plus $500 shipping, “so that I can use the most premium shipping service possible and crate it for maximum rotection.” But wait! There’s more! If you voted for Trump you’ll get a $1,000 discount. On the other hand, if you voted for Clinton there will be a  $666 surcharge. No mention of having to take a lie detector test about your political leaning so you’re on your own. Image or no image, it’s a beautiful instrument no matter whether you play Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven.


NOTE: In case the eBay page comes down, it’s been quoted here

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A Holy Limerick

mary-limerickThere is a plain house in Kiilmallock,
That recently caused a quite big shock.
On the wall did appear, an image so clear,
Sweet Mary! And that is no bullock.

When a large image appeared on Aisling O’Reilly’s grandfather’s sister’s house, she took some photos that plainly show an outline of what locals claim is the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to the Limerick Leader, within hours of being posted on Facebook, 50 people had gathered outside the house which is in Kiilmallock, County Limerick, including a local priest who reportedly said the rosary. Hopefully not in a five-line, predominantly anapestic meter with a strict AABBA rhyme scheme.

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The Anti Dust Devil

dusty-jesusAustralian photographer Pete James Ingham was driving through the Mojave Desert when he spotted a dust storm in the distance. When it got close enough, he took 20 photos in rapid succession, then within five seconds the storm dissipated. After going back to Ocean Grove, Australia, he looked at the shots and noticed that of the 20, all were blurry except one. “The exposure was a bit bright,” the 43-year-old photographer said, “so I just increased the contrast in the photos and then bang, this face appeared in the dust. I thought ‘woah, that was freaky’.”

The face he saw looked like Jesus Christ.

Ingham initially thought about ways to make money from the photo but then decided he’d be happy if it helps his photography business gain exposure. “Everyone I’ve shown has said they could see it. I showed my girlfriend first and she went a bit white in the face and said it’s really freaky,” he said. “Some people mock it saying it’s just a pattern in the dust, which is probably true. I mean I still don’t believe in God.”


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building collapse

Most building materials manufacturers are not meeting the needs of their customers online. And without support or encouragement from the industry itself, the end users are facing a huge gap.

But it doesn’t end there. The makers of the product, have decided to use the building blocks of plastic, plastic fibre and electronics, instead of the materials most of the end users have used before. And those materials are more expensive than standard timber, steel or concrete but thankfully, customers are able to get great discounts from some of the best companies, they may be even able to find home depot coupons.

How to avoid a building collapse

What is the best way to solve this problem? The simple solution would be to introduce stronger, softer and more stable construction materials. Not only that, it would also be a matter of increasing the amount of material that is actually used in building structures, so that the cost to construct a building does not increase as much.

In the past ten years, many improvements and inventions have come to the market, and you can find them everywhere in social media, businesses are using tiktok likes buy service to boost the account platforms. The biggest improvement of these materials is a material that is currently the least popular in the world: glass. The first step to solve the problem is to eliminate the dangerous elements. Glass is one of the least dangerous materials. Even the steel is not very dangerous if used correctly. One of the problems that arises is that it is hard to find a good source for glass, especially when you are working in the environment of China. The last of the materials that we have to use is steel. Steel is a very important material for construction, especially for skyscrapers. Steel is a solid material. It can be easily found in the world. It is the material for bridges, structures, the high-rise buildings and most importantly for the construction of cars. One of the problems that arise in a car is that the air from the outside can be dangerous to breathe. The problem is caused by the thin air between the inside and the air coming out from the engine of a car. There are several solutions to the problem, but one of them is to use more steel. This is where the new technology of steel is being employed. Steel has good strength, but also good weight. The combination of the two is what makes steel a great material for construction.

An engineer has the responsibility to design a car that can take its place in the world and survive. One of the main features of the car is that it has to have a good fuel efficiency, which means that the amount of fuel that can be put into the car must be greater than the amount of fuel that the car will take out. This is where the hybrid technology is being used in the Lexus RX 350h. For the RX 350h, the hybrid technology can be seen in the powertrain. The two new hybrid engines are a 1.5 litre three-cylinder petrol engine and a 2.0 litre four-cylinder hybrid engine. The petrol engine has a maximum output of 95bhp and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. The engine generates 105.5bhp on the combined cycle, and the fuel-economy system reduces the total emissions of both petrol and diesel in order to provide the best possible fuel efficiency. The power from the hybrid can be utilised to drive the front wheels.

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Kevin, Mary. Mary, Kevin.

mary-chicagoSoon after St. Kevin Catholic Church in Chicago’s South Side celebrated its 135th anniversary on June 3rd, parishioners reported seeing an image in a tree that looks like a woman with her head covered wearing a long robe. Some believe it’s the Virgin Mary. Now, thanks to word of mouth and social media, a steady stream of people have been stopping by to check out what some consider a message from God. “I think she’s watching over us right now. I think we need it with all the violence that’s going on,” Jenny Mata said.

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Face It, That’s Mary

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