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A Fancy Dresser

Three years ago Frank Salazar of Miami and his fiancee, Haydee Suarez, bought a wooden dresser at a garage sale but never used it, so when they decided to hold a yard sale of their own they cleared it off to put it out. While dusting the dresser, Salazar noticed an image of the Virgin Mary on the top dresser drawer. Looking closer, he saw what looked like a set of praying hands on the second drawer. Suarez says, “I look at this as a miracle and maybe a message that something is happening to help us out.” Salazar adds, “I haven’t gone to church, but I sure plan to.”  The couple is also planning to put the dresser on EBay.

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Wintering In Miami

People have been lining up to see the image of the Virgin Mary ever since a security guard saw it on a cloth in a chapel at St. Brendan Catholic Church in Miami. Some say they only see Mary while others see the whole family, including “the silhouette of Joseph and the curve of the head of baby Jesus.” While it’s a little soon to be wintering in Florida, it could be an Early Bird Special appearance.

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Mary On The Rebound

The image of the Virgin Mary has appeared on a basketball backboard in Miami. People are holding prayer vigils and creating a shrine there, saying it’s a message to understand the significance of Christmas. Better late than never.

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