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Really. Icy Mary!

Jennifer Bloomer went to work the other day at Simply Self Storage in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, as she does every day, except when she got there she saw an ice sculpture that had formed on the ground thanks to a dripping faucet. She and her coworkers agreed that the ice looked like the Virgin Mary.  They decided to chill, so they’ve got the ice safely stored in a freezer while they figure out what to do with it.

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One Order Of Mary, Hold The Fajitas

Melinda Solis of La Grulla, Texas, was warming up flour tortillas for her teenage sons Tuesday when her mother noticed that one of the tortillas had a large burned spot that looked like the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. She’s saving the tortilla though she’s not sure what she’s going to do with it yet. “It’s safe as long as I keep it away from my sons,” she said, “as long as I keep it away from butter.”

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On The Fence About Mary

About a month ago, Rigo Garza of McAllen, Texas, was having a back yard cookout for some friends and family when someone noticed a dark area on the fence that looked like the Virgin Mary. Everyone agreed. The next day his mother underwent surgery and came through it smoothly, which Garza took to be a good sign. Since then he’s set up a small shrine in the back yard and takes it as a good omen about the new year.

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Molten Mary

On December 4th, Mari Valenzuela of Alhambra, California, pulled out her rosary, lit a candle, and began praying, just as she does most nights. But this night was different. When she finished, she noticed the candle had melted to form an image that looked like a 6-inch-tall kneeling and praying Virgin Mary. She showed it to some friends and family, who also thought it looked like Mary, so she took it to her priest, who said the image proves “all that praying is a message of faith and that she’s on the right track in her life.” She hasn’t decided what she’s going to do with it, though she says she wants to share it with as many people as possible. In the meantime it stays in her refrigerator to make sure it doesn’t melt.

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Lord And Masa

Rosalinda Villanueva of Laredo, Texas, was serving her husband a flour tortilla last Thursday when she noticed what looked like the image of Jesus Christ burned into it. They took a picture on their cell phone, then called the TV station to report it. There’s no word on their plans for the blessed tortilla though it’s a safe bet it won’t be used for fajitas.

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Sweet Jesus!

James Burrows of West Toledo, Ohio, was buying a container of hard holiday candy at a market where he works part-time when he looked down and saw a piece with the image of what he thought looked like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus, much like the well known postage stamp. “I’d say somewhere between 80- to 85-percent” of those who look at it see the image in the candy, he says. “I’ve showed it to several people even without the postage stamps to compare it to and they couldn’t believe the similarity. It’s uncanny.” The other 15-to 20-percent thought it was Jane Eyre and Rochester or John and Yoko.

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