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The Virgin Mary Is My Sous Chef


Doris Sanchez was preparing food at Blanquita’s, a Mexican restaurant in La Feria, Texas, when she noticed the image of the Virgin Mary had appeared on the grill. She cleaned the grill but the image was still there the next morning, so she took a photo of it with her cell phone. Then, like a good employee, she kept using the grill. Alas, the image went away with use, scrubbing, andsizzling carnitas. But that’s not the end of it. The image showed up again a week later, but again disappeared. Next week? Who’s to say? Stay tuned!

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A Low-Fat Decaf Latte With A Touch Of Jesus, Please

A woman in Pascoe Vale, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, was about to wash a coffee cup when she was startled to see the image of a bearded man in one of the stains. She immediately realized it was Jesus Christ. Then her brother noticed that if you turn the cup upside down, the stain resembles the Virgin Mary with a shawl over her head. They haven’t cleaned the cup, nor have they heard from the Catholic Church in Melbourne. Luckily they have other cups so they can still get their caffeine fix.

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Logging Into Mary’s Account

We almost got through a Christmas season without any sightings, but luckily at the last minute Dan Aaron of Oak Lawn, Illinois, came through.  After helping cut down his neighbor’s cherry tree last year, Aaron kept a piece and put it on his back porch. “About a month later, it started glowing. I looked at it and I saw the picture of Mary,” he says. A few days later he flipped the log over and—lo and behold!—he saw the face of Jesus. Aaron says to see it well you have to “look at it from a distance.” He kept quiet about the log until Christmas Eve, when he  displayed it on the dining room table next to some vegetables and dip. He’s hoping to sell it to finance his daughter’s college education.

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Mary On The Half Shell (Part III)

Felicia Avila of Norwalk, California, was walking on the beach with her family when she picked up a shell and noticed what she says is the image of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus. Others who have seen it agree, though more than one person claims to also see an angel in the upper right hand corner. The 17-year-old thinks it’s a “true sign from the heavens” and plans on keeping it. Add this to other sightings of Mary on the half shell.

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The Lord Is De Vine

An overgrowth of vines atop a telephone pole in Littleton, Colorado, is attracting attention because people say it looks like Jesus on the cross, complete with a crown of thorns. Hopefully the utility company won’t cut it down like the one in Lake Charles, Louisiana, did last year.

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Mary Dried For Our Sins

An unnamed Arizona teen was eating a bag of dried mangoes recently when he pulled out a piece that didn’t look like the others. As he gazed at it, he realized it appeared to show the Virgin Mary with her hands folded in prayer. Instead of eating it he took a photo of it. He’s saving the dehydrated fruit, though he’s not sure what he’s going to do with it.

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