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Barking Up The Right Tree

Kyle Toland of the Garden Oaks area of Houston, Texas, wondered why people were stopping to take pictures of a tree in front of his house. When he checked, he saw flowers and candles by the base, so he figured it was some sort of shrine to someone who had died. But as more people stopped, looked, and in many cases left more flowers, he took a closer look. Lo and behold, he saw what others had been looking at for quite a long time—what appears to many to be the figure of the Virgin Mary on the trunk of the tree. Now that he’s gone public with it he expects the crowds to grow.

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The Virgin Mary Is My Sous Chef


Doris Sanchez was preparing food at Blanquita’s, a Mexican restaurant in La Feria, Texas, when she noticed the image of the Virgin Mary had appeared on the grill. She cleaned the grill but the image was still there the next morning, so she took a photo of it with her cell phone. Then, like a good employee, she kept using the grill. Alas, the image went away with use, scrubbing, andsizzling carnitas. But that’s not the end of it. The image showed up again a week later, but again disappeared. Next week? Who’s to say? Stay tuned!

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A Low-Fat Decaf Latte With A Touch Of Jesus, Please

A woman in Pascoe Vale, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, was about to wash a coffee cup when she was startled to see the image of a bearded man in one of the stains. She immediately realized it was Jesus Christ. Then her brother noticed that if you turn the cup upside down, the stain resembles the Virgin Mary with a shawl over her head. They haven’t cleaned the cup, nor have they heard from the Catholic Church in Melbourne. Luckily they have other cups so they can still get their caffeine fix.

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