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Like Heaven on Google Earth

Twenty-six year-old Zach Evans of Southampton, England, was using Google Earth to check out vacation spots when he saw an interesting image on some fields in Hungary—the image of Jesus Christ. No word on whether he decided to vacation there or not.

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A Visit From Buddha’s Ants

Workers at a rubber plantation in Ben Cat District, Vietnam, came across an ant hill, not unusual except this one looked like Buddha sitting in his classic meditation pose. As word spread, thousands of people flocked to see the 16-inch tall “miracle ant hill,” praying, leaving incense, and making ceremonial offerings. Local authorities have asked the district’s Buddhism representatives to move the figure to a temple so order can be restored in the area. No word on whether the ants will go too.

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Anti-Nightmare On Elm Street

People are flocking to 394 North Main St. in Wallingford, Connecticut, to look at an image of what some say is Jesus Christ in the bark of an elm tree. David Doolittle, who owns the house but didn’t notice the face until someone pointed it out to him a few days ago, says the town cut a low-hanging limb a few years ago but the face just developed. “I talked to a priest about it and he’s like, ‘images come and go, you don’t know what to make of it,'” Doolittle said. After he figures out what that means he’ll try to figure out what the appearance of the image means.

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A Good Clean Sighting

When Danell Griego of Belen, New Mexico, and her husband built a house a couple years ago, they put a jacuzzi tub in the master bath, but since they also have a hot tub, they never used it. The other day Danell decided to check it out. She got in the tub and was relaxing when she reached over to light a candle. And noticed an image in the marble behind the candle—the Virgin Mary holding Jesus after he’s been taken down from the cross. She’s convinced it’s a miracle. And is glad they didn’t cheap out and go for the Fiberglas tub.

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A Fancy Dresser

Three years ago Frank Salazar of Miami and his fiancee, Haydee Suarez, bought a wooden dresser at a garage sale but never used it, so when they decided to hold a yard sale of their own they cleared it off to put it out. While dusting the dresser, Salazar noticed an image of the Virgin Mary on the top dresser drawer. Looking closer, he saw what looked like a set of praying hands on the second drawer. Suarez says, “I look at this as a miracle and maybe a message that something is happening to help us out.” Salazar adds, “I haven’t gone to church, but I sure plan to.”  The couple is also planning to put the dresser on EBay.

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The Flames Of Heaven?

Last week Debbie Woodrow of New Forest, Hampshire, England, was watching the coals burn in her fireplace when she saw the image of Jesus materialize on the back wall of the hearth. “A halo appeared round the head – which looked like a crown of thorns. For it to happen over Christmas was amazing,” she said. She hasn’t had a fire since because, “We don’t want it to go.” And it saves on coal expenses.

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