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Three Jesus Pizza

When an employee pulled a three-cheese pizza from the oven at Posh Pizza in New Farm, Brisbane, Australia, she was surprised to find that it had morphed into a three-Jesus pizza, coming out with the image of Jesus’ face on it. In spite of it bringing luck when the owner of the store later parked in a loading zone and didn’t get a ticket, they decided to sell it on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity. The vacuum packed pizza garnered 26 bids with the winner getting it for a low-ball AU$153, which is about US$161. A deal no matter how you slice it.

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Google (Heaven On) Earth

When Steve Hirst and Carl Richards, contractors working on the Brockholes Wetland and Woodland Nature Reserve near Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, used Google Maps to look at a sand and mud pit at the site, they were shocked to see the image of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in the satellite image. While the men are impressed, their project manager isn’t. Ian Selby says the image was taken a few years ago and there are trees planted there now so you can’t see it anymore. “‘We have more important things going on such as a £10million development opening at Easter. The area has changed dramatically and you can no longer see the image.” Did he say Easter?

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Going Out On A Limb For Jesus

Six weeks ago, Lamya Norton of McLean, Virginia, had a tree trimmer come by to cut a branch off a tree in her yard. A couple of weeks later the spot where the limb had been turned white and an image of Jesus slowly started to form on it. By Ash Wednesday they had no doubt what it was. “It’s a sign that we’re all safe and it’s, everybody is loved in our family,” says Bella. “Of course, my priest reminded me maybe it’s a reminder you should be coming to church more.” Of course.

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Mary Rocks

Caroline Gray was on vacation with her husband on Valentine’s Day when she took a photo of the coastline by Newquay’s Western Beach in Cornwall, England.  When she got home and looked through the photos she saw a ghostly figure that looked like a cloaked woman holding out her arms, an image she swears hadn’t been there when she saw the cliffs in person. An image she thinks looks like the Virgin Mary. She’s positive it wasn’t a trick of the light and is researching the history of the area to see if she can find any clues about the image’s origin. Or whether Mary visits there often.

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Really. Icy Mary!

Jennifer Bloomer went to work the other day at Simply Self Storage in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, as she does every day, except when she got there she saw an ice sculpture that had formed on the ground thanks to a dripping faucet. She and her coworkers agreed that the ice looked like the Virgin Mary.  They decided to chill, so they’ve got the ice safely stored in a freezer while they figure out what to do with it.

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One Order Of Mary, Hold The Fajitas

Melinda Solis of La Grulla, Texas, was warming up flour tortillas for her teenage sons Tuesday when her mother noticed that one of the tortillas had a large burned spot that looked like the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. She’s saving the tortilla though she’s not sure what she’s going to do with it yet. “It’s safe as long as I keep it away from my sons,” she said, “as long as I keep it away from butter.”

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