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The Anti Dust Devil

dusty-jesusAustralian photographer Pete James Ingham was driving through the Mojave Desert when he spotted a dust storm in the distance. When it got close enough, he took 20 photos in rapid succession, then within five seconds the storm dissipated. After going back to Ocean Grove, Australia, he looked at the shots and noticed that of the 20, all were blurry except one. “The exposure was a bit bright,” the 43-year-old photographer said, “so I just increased the contrast in the photos and then bang, this face appeared in the dust. I thought ‘woah, that was freaky’.”

The face he saw looked like Jesus Christ.

Ingham initially thought about ways to make money from the photo but then decided he’d be happy if it helps his photography business gain exposure. “Everyone I’ve shown has said they could see it. I showed my girlfriend first and she went a bit white in the face and said it’s really freaky,” he said. “Some people mock it saying it’s just a pattern in the dust, which is probably true. I mean I still don’t believe in God.”


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