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Branching Out Across The Border

mary-mexicoSeventy-five-year-old Dona Lidia, of Pocboc, Mexico, was on her way to work as a cleaner at the local high school when she spotted something in the trunk of a Melina tree that looked like the silhouette of the Virgin Mary. “I have been working here for 18 years and always take this route and I can assure you that the image was not there before,” she said. “‘I instantly had to tell my neighbors and when they came the word quickly spread.” Spread it did. Dozens of candles and flowers are left each day as an offering, despite some killjoys who say it’s just tree rings.  A group of residents held a festival around the tree today (December 12) and plan on asking the region’s bishop if the image could be considered as an official miracle. Madre mia!


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