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Butt, Isn’t That Jesus?

dog-butt-jesusIt was originally posted a year ago but just came to light. An editor on Reddit who goes by Feature_Creature posted a photograph of an image of Jesus…on his pug’s butt. That’s all we know and we’re sticking to it. The story, that is.

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A Sparkling Vision

mary-sparklersNot long ago, Erin Potter, a Kirtland, Ohio, girl who’s been battling leukemia, was running around her backyard holding sparklers when a friend took a photo. Erin’s family had just learned that the cancer had returned. When they looked at the photo they saw an eerie image standing behind Erin which the family thinks is the Virgin Mary looking over her. “I didn’t necessarily see it as a sign that Erin is fine and is going to walk out of this, but it’s a sign that we’re watching over her,” Erin’s mother said. Soon after the photo was taken Erin had a bone marrow transplant and as of now is cancer-free.


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One Under Par With Jesus

The other day at the Carrigleade golf course outside Graignamanagh near St Mullin’s, Ireland, two golfers looked at the Blackstairs Mountains in the distance and noticed an image in the rock formation they thought looked like the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus in her arms. “We instantly saw what they were talking about,” said Bridie Galavan, who runs the golf course with her husband Dan. The next day another group of golfers noticed it. Now people are flocking to the golf course to take a look. Oddly, the geological image had never been seen before. “We have never noticed it until now,” Bridie said. “It’s very strange.”


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Two! Two! Two Images in One!

Lupe Rodriguez of San Antonio, Texas, was making dinner the other night when she noticed an image on one side of a tortilla that looked like the Virgin Mary. “‘Oh, my God, she said. “I can’t believe it!” Then she turned it over and on the other side — lo and behold! — there was an image of Jesus Christ. She says she feels blessed by the images and that they’re a sign that more blessings are in the future. Hopefully on more tortillas.

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Drop Cloth Me Jesus….

jesus-dropclothWhen Brian Krantz of Saugus, Massachusetts, pulled out an old drop cloth he’d used many times when spray painting, he spotted something on it he’d never seen before—an image that he says looks like Jesus Christ. In a report filmed by WHDH TV, Krantz said he sees a crown or halo, Jesus’ face, and a right arm outstretched with what looks like burial cloths hanging down. “I can’t deny this. This is what it is. It looks like Jesus Christ,” he said. His plans for the cloth? He’s going to frame the image and hang it up in his house. And go to Ace to buy a new drop cloth.

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She’s a Beauty, Eh?

When Denise Simon, a member of the Membertou First Nation in Cape Breton, Canada, spotted 12-inch white mark on her bedroom wall two weeks ago, she knew immediately it was a silhouette of the Virgin Mary. It appeared near a photograph of Simon’s grandfather, who was a devout Roman Catholic, and she believes the photo is responsible for the image appearing. She has converted her bedroom into a shrine and hundreds of people have visited, leaving rosaries, left flowers, and messages on pieces of paper. Pretty cool, eh?


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