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I’ve Got Jesus On The Brain

jesus-on-the-brainAfter returning home from a Mexico City hospital following emergency surgery for a stroke, Jennifer Lougee Mingramm and her husband Tamaha MacDonald were looking through a pile of X-rays that had been taken when they noticed something on an image of her brain – the image of Jesus Christ. Convinced it’s a sign of divine intervention that helped her heal, the couple has kept the X-ray handy at all times. Her family has even nicknamed it “Jen’s Jesus.” The couple, originally from New Zealand, is trying to raise money so she can go to the United States for a double lung transplant. “The image represents a miracle,” MacDonald said, hoping it brings continued good luck.




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Ukraine Your Neck And You Can See It

mary-window-ukraineSoon after workers installed a window in a house they were building in the small western Ukraine village of Beregovoy, local people walking by noticed an image on the window which they thought looked like the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. Not only that, but they say the  house is warmer than other buildings in the neighborhood and “exudes a calm presence by spreading positive feelings.” Taking all this as a sign, many locals began praying to the window.

Without publicly commenting on the phenomenon, church elders allowed the window to be taken from the house and put  on display at the village church, where they hold special services each day, praying to the window. It never hurts to cover your, uh, vestments.

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Wooden It Be Heavenly

mary-tree-houston2Reginald Sanders and his fiancee were having a conversation about spirituality, of all things, when they glanced at a nearby tree and noticed something they’d never seen before – an image they both thought looked like the Virgin Mary.

The tree, which is on the 11700 block of Sawmill Stream Circle, Houston, Texas, has become something of a local curiosity, with people stopping by and praying at the tree. Sanders says he hopes everyone who looks at it is blessed. So far they are since it’s still free to look.

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Oh Hill!

madonna-rockLast summer, after a chunk of rock broke off the cliff during a small landslide, visitors to the small town of Casaletto Spartano, Italy, noticed something the locals hadn’t – an image in the rocks  they thought looked like the Virgin Mary. Since then hundreds of visitors have shown up to check out the “Madonna of the Rock” according to La Citta di Salerno website. Strangely, the rock happens to sit just below a path used by local people during religious processions.

“We don’t know what it is,” a villager told the Italia 2 news channel, “but the more you look at it the more it looks like a real Madonna,” including hands and a cloak hanging down.

When a local website asked a buzzkill geologist for his take on it he said “it’s a simple matter of erosion occurring over several millennia.”

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