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Wooden You Know

mary-new-mexicoVolunteers were cutting lumber while restoring the San Antonio de Padua Church in Questa, New Mexico, on April 28 when someone noticed a knot in the wood that looked like the Virgin Mary with a lamb. Mark Sideris, project coordinator for the restoration, sees a lamb, his daughter sees Christ, some think Mary’s holding the baby Jesus, and still others think it looks like the 14th Station of the Cross where Jesus is laid in the tomb.

After Sideris posted a photo of the knot on Facebook, a steady stream of visitors begain visiting the church to see the knotty lumber, which comes from an old fir tree near the Red River. But it won’t be on display for long. While some parishioners think it should be left for all to easily see, Sideris says it will be used to support a new choir loft. “I love that parents may someday sit beneath it and ask their children if they can see the Virgin Mary in the choir loft,” he said.

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