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Window To Heaven

There’s a prayer garden in the hallway at Leaders of the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Orlando, Florida that sits between the chapel and the emergency room. Recently, someone spotted an image of Jesus Christ on a window there and took a photo with their cell phone. where life is saved, an interesting image is popping up on a window. One person who saw it says, “It looks like a face to me, first of all I haven’t seen Jesus, personally, and so I can’t say that it’s Jesus.” The hospital is calling it “an unexplained image.”
Just a couple of months ago, mobile phones across Orlando rang constantly because of the extraordinary news. It was about the unusual appearance of an image that allegedly belongs to Jesus Christ.

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  1. Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds says:

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Miracle on the Wall
    Around Easter, Pastor Jynona Norwood of Family Christian Cathedral in Inglewood, Ca. called me to inform me that Images of Christ, angels and saints started appearing on her sanctuary walls. Finally in August, I went to her church to see for myself and to answer her invitation to preach there.

    I can only tell you that what I saw was mind-blowing and life-changing. There were images that just suddenly appeared some were shadings or silhouettes on the churches white walls; others were images that somehow have just formed on the wall. Among the scores of impressions I saw were: an image of the suffering savior; his mouth ajar showing the agony of the cross; an angel carrying Christ in his arms; Jesus next to Moses with a flowing beard; a dark skin man lying on his back looking up toward heaven, a big picture of the Virgin Mary, she had a black head covering and a shawl draped around her; Jesus wearing a hood that priests used to wear. There was a face of Jesus in the hood and a face of Jesus facing out of the hood. Many of the images were three dimensional which I took to relate to the Holy Trinity. For example one particular fascinating image was on the highest part of the ceiling. On the wall there was a fairly large picture of Jesus that seemed to be sculptured into the wall. It was a full face where his hair hung down in locked curls like some of the devout Jews still wear today. Out of this face, there was another face, which I couldn’t identify. And to the right hovering above the image of Jesus was an ancient man, in my mind, resembling Father Time and his form flowing outward, as if into infinity. The Spirit revealed to me that what I was seeing was an image of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    In my hotel room preparing the sermon, I found that for such an august occasion, it was the easiest sermon I have ever prepared because the Lord said for me to speak it like he gave it to me adding nothing and taking nothing away.

    In summary, this is what the Lord put into my mouth to give to the people. The sermon was entitled: Everything Will Change. He said the Miracle on the wall was a prelude or introduction to something much greater to come. He said compare the miracle on the wall with how He spoke to Moses from the Burning Bush and how the flaming bush that was not consumed was a prelude to the birth of the Hebrew Nation.

    He said compare the Miracle on the Wall to the explosion of stars that pointed the three wise men to Bethlehem. The celestial activity was a prelude, announcing the Birth of Christ. The last example was the Baptism of those in the Upper Room by the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost that resulted in the birth of the Christian churches, which now we are part of. My hands trembled as I wrote His Words to be delivered because in my own mind, what else could be compared with these events but the Second Coming of Christ. God has not revealed to me what is next, but I do know these images speak from the wall that Christ is coming closer to us than ever before. And something is about to happen that is going to be unprecedented, monumental and supernatural. A very important part of the service that I attended were the marvelous healings that are going on in the Miracle on the Wall Services. People are testifying that they have been healed of cancers, back injuries and some children say they have made better grades since they have witnessed the Miracle Wall.

    When you think about it, God could have deposited these images anywhere, on the Great Wall of China, the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, but, just like he did when he walked among us, he is appearing among the poor. The pastor, herself, knows what it means to suffer. Twenty-seven of her relatives died in Guyana, as members of Jim Jones church. Yet, through all these years she has struggled through her own pain to provide help to the city of Englewood. Perhaps her obedience and faithfulness is why her church was chosen to be Holy Ground for this once in a life time experience.

    I hope you will write or call Dr. Norwood and plan to make a pilgrimage to her church. What an honor that in our life-time we can see these visible manifestations of Christ. She needs funds, prayers and counsel because very soon the world will be knocking on her door. I hope you plan to get there while there is still space—and still time. Visit, and

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